Discuss each NFL team and predict their record for the 2014-15 season during the next 32 days. Once the season starts, I will provide blogs and predictions each week.

It was a disappointing finish for the Miami Dolphins last year. Needing only one win in the final two games against their division foes to make the playoffs, the Dolphins managed to score only seven combined points and lose both games. Ryan Tannehill played poorly in each of those contests. The Dolphins were in the middle of the pack on defense, but their offense was below average. The Dolphins dealt with a ton of adversity, including the incognito and Martin issue. Their offensive line was never stable and it affected how this offense played. Mike Wallace didn't live up to his expectations after getting a monster contract in the offseason. They improved their offensive line this offseason by drafting Ja'Wuan James and acquiring Branden Albert from the Chiefs. Also, the Dolphins added some defensive talent including Earl Mitchell, Louis Delmas, and Cortland Finnegan. This team has the talent to make a run in the AFC and should challenge in the AFC East. With that said, I just don't know if Tannehill is enough to get this team over the hump and into the playoffs.

2014-15 Record Prediction: 8-8


The first team I will discuss in our 32 teams in 32 days is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills finished 6-10 last year, which was last in the AFC East. Their defense was 28th against the run, but 4th against the pass. On offense, the Bills were only behind the Philadelphia Eagles in rushing yards, but struggled mightily passing the football, ranking 28th in the league. EJ Manuel is going into his second season as this teams starting quarterback. They added Sammy Watkins and Mike Williams and will be returning Robert Woods, who should improve from his rookie season. The addition of Watkins itself should help this passing attack tremendously, as he is supposed to become the next great receiver in the NFL. Although the offense may have improved from last season, the biggest move in free agency for this team was letting Jairus Byrd walk. Byrd had four interceptions last year and was the anchor to this secondary. While the Bills may improved on offense, they certainly got worse on defense. In my opinion the East is one of the stronger divisions in the AFC. Also, I'm not big on quarterback EJ Manuel and I believe despite the weapons he has for his sophomore season, I think Manuel will struggle this season leaving questions by seasons end whether he is the answer at quarterback. The schedule doesn't set up well for early success for this Bills team and I don't see them recovering. 

2014-15 Record Prediction: 5-11


NBA Picks Against The Spread February 21, 2014

Last Night: 11-11 (6-5 ATS, 5-6 O/U)

3 Favs: 2-1

7:00p Charlotte Bobcats vs New Orleans Pelicans (LINE: CHA -3.5 O/U 192.5)

Pick: Charlotte Bobcats 97 New Orleans Pelicans 100 (CHA -3.5 Over 192.5)

7:00p Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks (LINE: ORL +3.5 O/U 197)

Pick: Orlando Magic 102 New York Knicks 106 (NYK -3.5 Over 197)

7:00p Philadelphia 76ers vs Dallas Mavericks (LINE: PHI +14 O/U 211)

Pick: Philadelphia 76ers 93 Dallas Mavericks 104 (PHI +14 Under 211)

7:00p Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers (LINE: TOR -7.5 O/U 197)

Pick: Toronto Raptors 98 Cleveland Cavaliers 97 (CLE +7.5 Under 197)

7:30p Detroit Pistons vs Atlanta Hawks (LINE: DET -3.5 O/U 211.5)

Pick: Detroit Pistons 105 Atlanta Hawks 104 (ATL +3.5 Under 211.5)

8:00p Chicago Bulls vs Denver Nuggets (LINE: CHI -7 O/U 190.5)

Pick: Chicago Bulls 98 Denver Nuggets 92 (DEN +7 Over 190.5)

8:00p Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers (LINE: MEM +2 O/U 194.5)

Pick: Memphis Grizzlies 97 Los Angeles Clippers 98 (MEM +2 Over 194.5)

9:00p Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs (LINE: PHO +1.5 O/U 209)

Pick: Phoenix Suns 107 San Antonio Spurs 110 (SAN -1.5 Over 209)

10:00p Portland Trailblazers vs Utah Jazz (LINE: POR -8.5 O/U 202.5)

Pick: Portland Trailblazers 98 Utah Jazz 87 (POR -8.5 Under 202.5)

10:30p Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics (LINE: LAL -1.5 O/U 207)

Pick: Los Angeles Lakers 99 Boston Celtics 104 (BOS +1.5 Under 207)

3 Favorites ATS/OU

1. CLE +7.5

2. PHI/DAL Under 211

3. NO +3.5


NBA Picks Against The Spread February 19, 2014  

Last Night: Overall 9-8-1 (5-3-1 ATS, 4-5 O/U) 

3 Favs: 2-1

7:00p Charlotte Bobcats vs Detroit Pistons (LINE: CHA -3, O/U 202)

Pick: Charlotte Bobcats 100 Detroit Pistons 92 (CHA -3 Under 202)

7:00p Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic (LINE: CLE -6, O/U 198.5)

Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers 103 Orlando Magic 90 (CLE -6 Under 198.5)

7:00p Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls (LINE: TOR -3, O/U 182.5)

Pick: Toronto Raptors 97 Chicago Bulls 92 (TOR -3 Over 182.5)

7:30p Atlanta Hawks vs Washington Wizards (LINE: ATL -1, O/U 201.5)

Pick: Atlanta Hawks 101 Washington Wizards 103 (WAS +1 Over 201.5)

8:00p Minnesota Timberwolves vs Indiana Pacers (LINE: MIN +3, O/U 196)

Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves 101 Indiana Pacers 98 (MIN +3 Over 196)

8:00p New Orleans Pelicans vs New York Knicks (LINE: NO -3.5, O/U 196)

Pick: New Orleans Pelicans 112 New York Knicks 108 (NO -3.5 Over 196)

9:00p Phoenix Suns vs Boston Celtics (LINE: PHO -6.5, O/U 204.5)

Pick: Phoenix Suns 109 Boston Celtics 100 (PHO -6.5 Over 204.5)

9:00p Utah Jazz vs Brooklyn Nets (LINE: UTA +4, O/U 191.5)

Pick: Utah Jazz 96 Brooklyn Nets 101 (BK -4 Over 191.5)

10:00p Portland Trailblazers vs San Antonio Spurs (LINE: POR -2.5, O/U 210.5)

Pick: Portland Trailblazers 104 San Antonio Spurs 96 (POR -2.5 Under 210.5)

10:00p Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriors (LINE: SAC +4.5, O/U 206)

Pick: Sacramento Kings 103 Golden State Warriors 106 (SAC +4.5 Over 206)

10:30p Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets (LINE: LAL +8.5, O/U 214.5)

Pick: Los Angeles Lakers 102 Houston Rockets 121 (HOU -8.5 Over 214.5)

3 Favorites ATS/OU

1. Over 182.5 CHI/TOR

2. CLE -6

3. Over 206 SAC/GS


Hey guys, I'm back making NBA selections against the spread. I took some time off due to school.

NBA Picks Against the Spread February 18, 2014

Overall Record: 106-110-4 (50-57-3 ATS, 56-53-1 O/U)

7:00p Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers (LINE: IND -10, O/U 194.5)

Pick: Atlanta Hawks 94 Indiana Pacers 102 (ATL +10 Over 194.5)

7:00p Cleveland Cavaliers vs Philadelphia 76ers (LINE: PHI +4, O/U 211.5)

Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers 107 Philadelphia 76ers 99 (CLE -4 Under 211.5)

7:00p Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards (LINE: WAS -2.5, O/U 197)

Pick: Toronto Raptors 96 Washington Wizards 103 (WAS -2.5 Over 197)

7:30p Charlotte Bobcats vs Detroit Pistons (LINE: DET -4.5, O/U 202)

Pick: Charlotte Bobcats 90 Detroit Pistons 93 (CHA +4.5 Under 202)

8:00p New York Knicks vs Memphis Grizzlies (LINE: MEM -5.5, O/U 181.5)

Pick: New York Knicks 98 Memphis Grizzlies 101 (NYK +5.5 Over 181.5)

8:00p Orlando Magic vs Milwaukee Bucks (LINE: MIL +2.5, O/U 194.5)

Pick: Orlando Magic 98 Milwaukee Bucks 95 (ORL -2.5 Under 194.5)

8:30p Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks (LINE: DAL +3, O/U 207)

Pick: Miami Heat 104 Dallas Mavericks 98 (MIA -3 Under 207)

9:00p Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets (LINE: DEN +2, O/U 214)

Pick: Phoenix Suns 105 Denver Nuggets 100 (PHO -2 Under 214)

10:30p San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Clippers (LINE: LAC -6, O/U 211)

Pick: San Antonio Spurs 103 Los Angeles Clippers 110 (LAC -6 Over 211)

3 Favorites ATS/OU:

1. CLE -4

2. Under 202 CHA/DET

3. Over 181.5 NYK/MEM


NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions ATS 

Saturday, 4:35p Seattle Seahawks vs New Orleans Saints (Line: SEA -8.5, O/U 45)

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 24 New Orleans Saints 20 (NO +8.5 Under 45)

In week 13, the Saints lost in Seattle 34-7 in a game where Seattle dominated on the defensive end. Drew Brees was held to a season low 147 passing yards and a QBR of 22.7. It was the run game that carried the Saints last week, but this isn't Philadelphia's defense the Saints are facing. Brees will have to make plays with his arm for the Saints to have a chance. I believe he plays better but the Seahawks in Seattle are a tough team to beat and I don't see it happening here. 

Saturday, 8:15p New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts (Line: NE -7.5, O/U 51)

Pick: New England Patriots 31 Indianapolis Colts 30 (IND +7.5 Over 51)

I smell a classic. I believe both quarterbacks will have field days against defenses that struggle at times. The Colts offense after coming from 28 down against the Chiefs, will still be hot to start this game. Tom Brady will continue to prove why he is one of the clutches ever and will make a play late to end Luck and the Colts season. 

Sunday, 1:05p Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers (Line: CAR +3, O/U 41.5)

Pick: Carolina Panthers 13 San Francisco 49ers 24 (SF -3 Under 41.5)

This is Cam Newton's first playoff game and just happens to be against the Superbowl runner ups with an elite defense. The Niners will be looking for revenge after losing to the Panthers 10-9 in their meeting during the regular season. Crabtree, who played at an elite level against Green Bay did not play that game and Vernon Davis left with a concussion early. I like San Fran from the start and don't see Cam making enough plays to make this a competitive game. 

Sunday, 4:40p Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers (Line: DEN -9.5, O/U 55)

Pick: Denver Broncos 38 San Diego Chargers 20 (DEN -9.5 Over 55)

Although, Peyton Manning had one of the best seasons a quarterback has ever had, his legacy is on the line in this game. All year we've been talking about how great of a player Peyton is, but if he loses this game it will diminish his legacy tremendously. It's about winning playoff games and more importantly rings, that's what you are judged by in this league and if Peyton loses this game to a Chargers team who barely made the playoffs and finished 3rd in their division he will no longer be looked at as a top tier QB to ever play in my eyes. He would be 0-2 in the playoffs as a Bronco, and would break the record for most playoff losses as a QB. With all that being said, there's no way Peyton loses this game and it won't even be close. Broncos Big at home. 


NBA Picks Against The Spread January 9, 2014  

This Week: 16-26 (6-15 ATS, 10-11 O/U)

8:00p New York Knicks vs Miami Heat (LINE: NYK +8 - O/U 197)

Pick: New York Knicks 104 Miami Heat 110 (NYK +8 Over 197)

10:30p Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunder (LINE: DEN +4 - O/U 211)

Pick: Denver Nuggets 108 Oklahoma City Thunder 115 (OKC -4 Over 211)


NBA Picks Against The Spread January 8, 2014  

This Week: 8-16 (4-8 ATS, 4-8 O/U)

7:00p San Antonio Spurs vs Dallas Mavericks (LINE: SAN -5 - O/U 206.5)

Pick: San Antonio Spurs 112 Dallas Mavericks 108 (DAL +5 Over 206.5)

7:00p Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons (LINE: TOR -6.5 0 O/U 196.5)

Pick: Toronto Raptors 101 Detroit Pistons 91 (TOR -6.5 Under 196.5)

7:30p Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers (LINE: ATL +5 - O/U 187.5)

Pick: Atlanta Hawks 89 Indiana Pacer 97 (IND -5 Under 187.5)

7:30p Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriors (LINE: BK +6.5 - O/U 198)

Pick: Brooklyn Nets 94 Golden State Warriors 105 (GS -6.5 Over 198)

8:00p New Orleans Pelicans vs Washington Wizards (LINE: NO -4 - O/U 192)

Pick: New Orleans Pelicans 103 Washington Wizards 97 (NO -4 Over 192)

8:00p Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers (LINE HOU -14.5 - O/U 212.5)

Pick: Houston Rockets 114 Los Angeles Lakers 94 (HOU -14.5 Under 212.5)

9:30p Minnesota Timberwolves vs Phoenix Suns (LINE: MIN -8 - O/U 216.5)

Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves 104 Phoenix Suns 98 (PHO +8 Under 216.5)

10:00p Portland Trailblazers vs Orlando Magic (LINE: POR -13 - O/U 208)

Pick: Portland Trailblazers 98 Orlando Magic 90 (ORL +13 Under 208)

10:30p Los Angeles Clippers vs Boston Celtics (LINE: LAC -10.5 - O/U 197)

Pick: Los Angeles Clippers 98 Boston Celtics 86 (LAC -10.5 Under 197)


NBA Picks Against The Spread January 7, 2014  

Overall Record: 90-84-4 (44-42-2 ATS, 46-42-1)

7:00p Charlotte Bobcats vs Washington Wizards (LINE: CHA +1 - O/U 190)

Pick: Charlotte Bobcats 98 Washington Wizards 100 (WAS -1 Over 190)

7:00p Cleveland Cavaliers vs Philadelphia 76ers (LINE: CLE -6 - O/U 208)

Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers 91 Philadelphia 76ers 97 (PHI +6 Under 208)

7:00p Indiana Pacers vs Toronto Raptors (LINE: IND -9 - O/U 186)

Pick: Indiana Pacers 101 Toronto Raptors 87 (IND -9 Over 186)

7:30p Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans (LINE: MIA -9 - O/U 203)

Pick: Miami Heat 102 New Orleans Pelicans 97 (NO +9 Under 203)

7:30p New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons (LINE: NYK -3.5 - O/U 199)

Pick: New York Knicks 102 Detroit Pistons 99 (DET +3.5 Over 199)

8:00p Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns (LINE: CHI +1 - O/U 189.5)

Pick: Chicago Bulls 88 Phoenix Suns 103 (PHO -1 Over 189.5)

8:00p Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs (LINE: MEM +6 - O/U 196)

Pick: Memphis Grizzlies 92 San Antonip Spurs 99 (SAN -6 Under 196)

8:00p Milwaukee Bucks vs Golden State Warriors (LINE: MIL +10.5 - O/U 200)

Pick: Milwaukee Bucks 93 Golden State Warriors 113 (GS -10.5 Over 200)

8:30p Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers (LINE: DAL -10 - O/U 210)

Pick: Dallas Mavericks 125 Los Angeles Lakers 112 ( DAL -10 Over 210)

9:00p Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics (LINE: DEN -7.5 - O/U 203)

Pick: Denver Nuggets 107 Boston Celtics 97 (DEN -7.5 Over 203)

9:00p Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder (LINE: UTA +7 - O/U 196)

Pick: Utah Jazz 94 Oklahoma City Thunder 104 (OKC -7 Over 196)

10:00p Sacramento Kings vs Portland Trailblazers (LINE: SAC +5 - O/U 215)

Pick: Sacramento Kings 98 Portland trailblazers 107 (POR -5 Under 215)


NBA Picks Against The Spread January 5, 2014  

This Week: 40-32 (19-17 ATS, 21-15 O/U)

1:00p Detroit Pistons vs Memphis Grizzlies (LINE: DET -2.5 - O/U 194)

Pick: Detroit Pistons 102 Memphis Grizzlies 97 (DET -2.5 Over 194)

6:00p Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers (LINE: CLE +8.5 - O/U 185)

Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers 83 Indiana Pacers 99 (IND -8.5 Under 185)

6:00p Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors (LINE: MIA -6.5 - O/U 198.5)

Pick: Miami Heat 107 Toronto Raptors 97 (MIA -6.5 Over 198.5)

6:00p Washington Wizards vs Golden State Warriors (LINE: WAS +4 - O/U 202)

Pick: Washington Wizards 103 Golden State Warriors 110 (GS -4 Over 202)

7:00p Oklahoma City Thunder vs Boston Celtics (LINE: OKC -9 - O/U 194)

Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder 104 Boston Celtics 100 (BOS +9 Over 194)

7:30p Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks (LINE: DAL -6.5 - O/U 201)

Pick: Dallas Mavericks 110 New York Knicks 99 (DAL -6.5 Over 201)

9:30p Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets (LINE: LAL +2.5 - O/U 203)

Pick: Los Angeles Lakers 87 Denver Nuggets 100 (DEN -2.5 Under 203)